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With the financial support of the European Commission


« Public Service and Integration of migrants in the European Union »

Vienna, 29-30 September 2011

Lieu: ARCOTEL Conference & Eventcenter Vienna
Neubaugürtel 34-36, A-1070 Vienna (Austria)

Interpretation : DE, EN, ES, FR, IT

This symposium will address the Public Service and the Integration of Migrants: the issue of public service staff vis-à-vis migrants, dealt with here in their capacity as users of the public services of the Member States of the European Union.

The symposium will be conducted by a moderator, Ms. Andrea DESPOT.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

until 17h00Participants’ arrival
18h00-19h00Participants’ registration
19h30Welcome dinner at the hotel

Thursday, 29 September 2011

08h30Participants’ registration continues

Welcome : Dr. Wilhelm GLOSS, President of CESI-Europe Academy

09h00Opening speech
Fritz NEUGEBAUER, CESI President and Second President of the Nationalrat (Austrian National Council)
Helmut MÜLLERS, CESI General Secretary
Sebastian KURZ, State Secretary for Integration, Austria

1st SESSION: Setting the migration scene
10h00Presentation I
Defining migrants – Outline of the migratory flows to the EU
Albert KRALER, Research Officer and acting Programme Manager at the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)
10h30Presentation II
EU Migration Policy and European framework for the integration of third-country nationals
Eva SCHULTZ, European Commission, DG HOME, Unit B1 « Immigration and Integration »
11h00-11h20 Coffee Break and Networking

2nd SESSION: Integration mainstreaming
11h20Introductory presentation
Anna LUDWINEK, Research Officer at the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND)
(Cf. Joint Report Eurofound/Clip “Integration of migrants: Contribution of local and regional authorities”)
11h50Personal experience
Personal experience of migration and integration
Hamid SENNI, Partner and Co-founder of Vision Enabler Consulting
12h40-14h00Lunch and networking


14h00Best Practice 1:
Presentation of the Portuguese initiative “One-stop-shop: a new answer for immigrant integration?”
Catarina REIS OLIVEIRA, Head of Unit of Research and International Relations of the High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue (ACIDI), Portugal
14h20Best Practice 2:
Presentation of the Italian initiative “Progetto Immigrati” of the Christian Associations of Italian Workers (ACLI)
Giuseppe GULIA, National Representative of the ‘Patronato’ ACLI, Italy
14h40Best Practice 3:
Integration in the labour market: German initiative “Wir sind Hamburg! Bist Du dabei? ” - integration of young workers with migration background in the training courses of the administration in Hambourg
Stefan MÜLLER, Project Manager “We are Hamburg! Won´t you join us?”, Senate of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany
15h15-15h30Pause café et networking
15h30-17h00PARALLEL WORKSHOPS (various aspects linked to migration/integration)
These workshops have been prepared by three working groups (WG), which have met in the months preceding the symposium.

WORKSHOP A: The role of public services’ staff in direct contact with migrants
Interpretation: DE-EN-ES-FR
Moderated by: Franjo STEINER
President of the WG: Report on the working group’s activities

Speaker II: Expert: introduction to the topic
Sana SAIDI, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Germany
Speaker III: example of best practice in the field
Juan NAVARRO BARBA, Department for Education of Murcia, Spain
Discussion with the workshop’s participants

WORKSHOP B: Promoting the integration of migrants through local administration public services
Interpretation: DE-EN-IT
Moderated by: Andrea DESPOT
President of the WG: report on the working group’s activities
Urs STAUFFER, ZV, Switzerland
Speaker II: Expert: introduction to the topic
Claude GENGLER, Forum EUROPA, Luxembourg
Speaker III: example of best practice in the field
Luiza SOSNA, City of Strassen, Luxembourg
Discussion with the workshop’s participants

WORKSHOP C: Cultural and linguistic integration
Interpretation: DE-FR-ES-IT 
Moderated by: Sonja GRUBER
President of the WG: report on the working group’s activities
Speaker II: Expert: introduction to the topic
Tania OGAY, Fribourg University, Switzerland
Speaker III: example of best practice in the field
Sascha TITZE, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, Germany
Discussion with the workshop’s participants
17h00End of the 1st working day

Friday, 30 September 2011

09h30 Presentation of the results of the three Workshops by the Presidents of the working groups
10h00Introductory presentation:
Interaction between public service and migrants: which new challenges for the personnel?
Gabriella B. KLEIN, Professor at the University of Perugia and Transnational Coordinator of the project BRIDGE-IT, Italy
« Public Service and Integration of Migrants »
Participants: to be confirmed
Donatella CANDURA, Civil servant, Ministry of Interior, Italy
Helga FLAMTERMESKY, Intercultural mediator, ASMIN, Spain
Brian KILLORAN, Information and Referral Service Coordinator, Immigrant Council of Ireland
Barbara SZERB-MANTL, City of Vienna, Department MA 17 – Integration and Diversity

11h30-11h45Coffee break and networking
11h45Final discussion
12h15Summary of the debates
Dr. Wilhelm GLOSS, President of CESI-Europe Academy
12h30Political perspective
Peter HEESEN, CESI President
13h00Symposium’s end
Light lunch followed by participants’ departure

The symposium is chiefly financed by European Union funds

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Centre de recherche et de formation continue de la CESI