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WORKSHOPS - Working groups

Three working groups have prepared the debates which will be held in three parallel workshops (which shall bear the same names as the working groups) due to take place during the Vienna symposium and more precisely on 29 September, from 15:30 until approximately 17:00.

The three working groups/workshops bear the following titles:

A) The role of public services’ staff in direct contact with migrants

B) Promoting the integration of migrants through local administration public services

C) Cultural and linguistic integration

Each participant at the symposium must take part in one of these workshops.
A summary of the preparatory work undertaken by each working group will soon be available in this section. It will serve as a basis for the exchanges which will take place in each workshop at the Vienna symposium.

On 30 September, the rapporteur from each working group will present, in plenary session, the conclusions of the preparatory working group to the participants from the Vienna symposium, enriched by the debates held in the workshops the previous day (29 September).