Kirsten Lühmann, Chairwoman of the Committee on Women’s Rights on the Coronavirus

31 Mar 2020
“Another catastrophe that’s hitting women hard” Kirsten Lühmann, the Chairwoman of the Committee on Women’s Rights (FEMM), which is part of CESI (European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions), spoke on Monday about the specific ways the... Read more

CESI statement on a Just Transition Fund for the European Green Deal

30 Mar 2020
As part of its work programme for the year 2020, the European Commission is currently working to realise a European Just Transition Fund to mitigate adverse social and employment-related effects flowing from the planned European Green Deal. In a statement... Read more

Claude Heiser, President of the CESI Trade Council Education, Training and Research on how education experts contribute towards fighting the crisis.

30 Mar 2020
Is time standing still? The lights of society in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are abruptly being switched off, in the wake of all school activities being suspended a few days previously. Just as a tornado occurs when very damp soil vapour and cold and... Read more

CESI Presidium: Corona virus – Civil servants and public service personnel at the core of the pandemic

26 Mar 2020
In a position adopted yesterday, CESI's Presidium addresses current challenges to overcome the Corona virus pandemic and outlines lessons to be learnt for the future. At the core, according to the CESI leadership, is a strengthening of the public... Read more

Covid-19: A few words about heroes and heroines from Ulrich Silberbach, CESI Vice President and President of the German Civil Service Federation (dbb)

25 Mar 2020
A novel coronavirus is ravaging the earth and this epoch-defining plague is revealing a great deal. In an existential crisis, people’s characters come to the fore. Some are still in denial about how serious this is and are taking risks which do not... Read more