CESI Insides, the impact of COVID19 on the European economy and labour market with Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive & Chief Economist European Policy Centre.

25 May 2020
The European Policy Centre is an independent, not-for-profit think tank dedicated to fostering European integration through analysis and debate, supporting and challenging European decision-makers at all levels to make informed decisions based on sound... Read more

Miguel Borra, president of CSIF on trade unions as essential services during COVID-19 in Spain.

24 May 2020
The role of trade unions in Spain is enshrined in Article 7 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978. The aforementioned article states: "Trade unions and employers' associations contribute to the defence and promotion of the economic and social interests... Read more

With dedication, speed and precision. Urs Stauffer, President of the Swiss Central Association of Public Personnel on the ‘stress test’ of public services during the Covid19 pandemic

22 May 2020
Public services are working exceptionally well. Our colleagues are ensuring that the federal state, cantons, cities and municipalities are performing all of their existing and new duties even under great strain. They do this quickly and with a high level... Read more

CESI insides – The impact of Coronavirus on European workers with Oliver Roethig, Regional Secretary of UNI Europa, the European services workers union

22 May 2020
As the European trade union federation for 7 million service workers, UNI Europa represents national trade unions in 50 countries, including: Commerce, Banking Insurance and Central Banks, Gaming, Graphical and Packaging, Hair and Beauty, Information... Read more

CESI Insides – El impacto del Coronavirus en España con Dolores Martínez Márquez, Secretaria General del SAE Sindicato de Técnicos de Enfermería

20 May 2020
El Sindicato de Técnicos de Enfermería (SAE) nació en 1988 ante la necesidad de crear una organización que representara realmente a los Técnico en Cuidados de Enfermería/Auxiliares de Enfermería (TCE/AE) y se identificara con las reivindicaciones... Read more