Protests of CESI’s member organisation CSIF in Madrid over early retirements of local police officers

CSIF, the most representative union in the public administration sector in Spain and the main trade union of local police officers at national level, organised a successful demonstration in Madrid in which tens of thousands of local police officers from all over Spain demanded the lowering of their retirement age to 59 years without being penalised in their future pension – a step which would set them on equal footing with the National Police, the Guardia Civil and the Spanish firefighters.

Along with other unions, CSIF highlighted its stand in favour of the basic right to early retirement for the local police staff. Under the slogan ‘Jubilación anticipada, Policía Local y Autonómica ¡Gobierno cumple ya!, Miguel Borra, President of CSIF, urged the Spanish government to comply with the demands.

The Plenary of the Spanish Congress will include a last minute amendment to the draft General State Budgets for 2018 by which the right to early retirement at 59 years would be extended to the local police, as has been proposed by the Independent Trade Union Centre and of Officials (CSIF).

While waiting for the vote on the budget, CSIF (which in recent months had intensified the dialogue with the government and the different parliamentary groups) urged an approval of the amendment to ensure early retirement to local and regional police. According to Miguel Borra, “there is no way back!” CSIF hopes that the government will unblock the situation and move forward “imminently”.

More information and a video are available here.

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