Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, invited the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI) to discuss the situation of public sector workers, European elections and Brexit negotiations.

On Monday 11th of February, a joint delegation of the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI) and its affiliate Luxemburg Confederation of Public Service (CGFP) have been invited by Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg to discuss the current situation of employees in the public sector, the European elections and Brexit.

In the frame of an extensive exchange of views, the situation for employees in the public sector in Luxembourg, the economic-political situation and challenges in the European Union, the current status in the Brexit negotiations and not least the upcoming European elections of May were discussed.

Romain Wolff stressed the need to highlight the many successes of the European unification process: “We don’t have to all be hurrah European and burn EU sceptics as heretics, but we have to keep on realising how unique the unification process has been, and that, despite all dysfunctions and weaknesses, the EU is something formidable.

It is a construct that puts compromise and respect over intimidation and power. Especially for me, as citizen of a smaller country, this shall never be forgotten.”

Secretary-General Klaus Heeger stressed the importance of the public sector in Europe. “Efficient public services foster the well-being of people. They stand for freedom and non-discrimination, security and safety, education and health, labour and social protection. And they stand for a reliable and fair EU. This should not be forgotten”, Heeger stated.

Both Wolff and Heeger agreed on the need to better communicate the many success stories of the EU and not least to advertise the potential a strong Pillar of Social Rights, in Luxembourg and the other Member States.

The meeting with Prime Minister Bettel was also an opportunity to present the recently launched CESI 2019 campaign in support of the European Parliament to mobilize citizens for the May elections.

For more information:

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Picture: CESI President Romain Wolff, Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel, CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger, CGFP Secretary General Steve Heiliger © CESI 2019