Trade Council Central Administration and Finances meets in Brussels

Today CESI’s Trade Council ‘Central Administration and Finances’ (ACF) met in Brussels. Chaired by Wilhelm Gloss, topics on the agenda included minimum wage levels in Europe and the rise in violence against employees of central administrations by third parties.

The Trade Council welcomed Barbara Gerstenberger, head of Working Life Unit at Eurofound, who presented a report on minimum wage across Europe and the situation and the impacts of the introduction a potential EU minimum wage in each Member States. Further to this presentation, a position paper was adopted on this very topic.

The quality of administrations was also subject to discussion with the presentation of the new Quality administration toolbox by Florian Hauser, who gave an update on the latest developments with regards to the Structural Reform Support Services (SRSS) which can help national administrations in the implementation of structural reforms to improve the quality of their national services.

Further, the Trade Council touched upon the violence at work by third parties and had an exchange on recent activities of its members on that subject matter. Marina Surina from CNV-Connectief explained the reasons for organising a recent new type of event on this subject matter in The Hague, [email protected]. A position paper on this issue was then adopted by the members of the Trade Council.

Next to these specific topics, the meeting was an opportunity to share experiences, initiatives and challenges which central government administration personnel faces at the national level. The different activities and projects of the European sectoral social dialogue committee ‘Central government administrations’, where CESI is a social partner, were also presented and further discussed.

The position papers adopted at the Trade Council meeting will be further published on CESI’s website in the resources section.

Picture: CESI Trade Council ‘Central Administration and Finances’ © CESI 2018