The European Youth Event 2018 as a hub for debates and sharing knowledge was a great success

Last week, CESI Youth has participated to the European Youth Event 2018 held in Strasbourg. During those 2 days, we have organised discussion and debates around two major topics, Apprenticeships in the EU and on our generation’s fears for their future.

The European Parliament has welcomed around 9000 participants around different thematic, all extremely interesting. Inside the European Parliament, CESI Youth organise a panel on Apprenticeship, which included Ms Ann Vanden Bukcle (European Commission), MEP Julia Ward, Josef Holnburger (ETUC), Alicia Herrera (EAN) and Matthäus Fandrejewski (CESI Youth Representative). The discussion was interactive and focused on the link between the quality and the reputation of such scheme.

Outside the Parliament, CESI Youth was organising an activity which consisted in the gathering of thoughts of different challenges and fears for our future. Each thought was put on a box, from which we created a ‘wall of fears’. This wall of fear embodied the main concerns of this generation and called on the main actors of society to consider them and act accordingly.

A panel was held on this very subject matter,in which inadequacy of our government to deal with migration, EU scepticism, and inequality across the continent, were recurrent themes. Our CESI Youth Vice-Representative, Valentina Viviani, was present at the panel, as well as Sabrina Pellerito (CESI Youth Board member) to discuss the involvement of the challenges Italy faces currently with its government and to also discuss social inclusion. At the end of this debate, we all tore down this wall as a symbol of fight against our fears, so to demonstrate our will to perseverate despite those challenges.

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