Success for CESI’s member ZV Öffentliches Personal: Switzerland says no to Business Imposition Reform III

The Swiss Sovereign has clearly said NO to the reduction of the Public Service in Switzerland.

On the 12th of February 2017 the third reform of business taxation (RIE III) aimed at a tax relief of about 50% for companies was opposed by referendum by trade unions under the leadership of the organisation ZV Öffentliches Personal (Employees of the Public Sector Of Switzerland), a member of the CESI.

60% of eligible voters voted in favour of the referendum and thus against the third company tax reform (RIE III), which would have resulted in tax losses of CHF 4 billion in Switzerland and, consequently, enormous cuts in the public service and tax increases for the population.

CESI would like to highlight this result is a great success for our member union ZV Öffentliches Personal. It is a clear sign for the Swiss political circles that the electorate does not accept any reductions of the Public Service and that its financing must be guaranteed!