Romanian USLIP Iasi trade union joins CESI

At its meeting on December 12, the Board of CESI approved a membership application of the Romanian USLIP Iaşi trade union, which joins CESI as its 44th member organisation.

Founded in 1990, the USLIP Iaşi represents education sector personnel mainly in primary, secondary and other pre-university education.

The membership application was approved unanimously by the Board of CESI. Secretary General Klaus Heeger said: “We are glad to welcome our new colleagues from USLIP in our CESI trade union family. Their expertise in the Romanian education sector will certainly bring further added value to CESI’s group of national education sector trade unions. We are looking forward to a lasting and fruitful relationship and working together for good employment and working conditions in the education sector in Europe and in Romania. I am sure CESI and USLIP will greatly benefit from each other’s experiences and engagement.”

Further information about USLIP is available in CESI’s membership website section.