Romain Wolff, CESI’s President on solidarity and discipline during the outbreak of COVID-19

Dear Friends of CESI,

In my capacity as President, it is important to me to share the following with you:

At present, in Europe and beyond, we find ourselves facing an unprecedented, highly serious situation. Containing the rapid spread of the coronavirus is currently our top priority as a society. With this in mind, each of us must act responsibly.

This is a time to show solidarity to all fellow citizens, irrespective of nationality and home and irrespective of whether these people work in the public or private sector.

It must be everyone’s goal to overcome this extraordinary situation as best as we possibly can.

This means above all that we should show solidarity and discipline: in the interests of all citizens, we need firmly to adhere to the rules laid out by our political leaders in full knowledge of the fact that all those working in the health and care sectors are currently often being asked to make superhuman efforts. This is why we need to support those who help us as best as we possibly can.

Alongside the human suffering, it is already clear to see that the economic impact of coronavirus and its global negative effects, chiefly a global recession, will undoubtedly be huge. The state must, therefore, take all measures necessary to help all affected companies keep afloat, in the interests of its employees.

This is why we are making this request: support all who help us, be they workers in the health, care, emergency services, police or army sectors. Honour in particular the work of all those working in the grocery stores and supermarkets, permanently putting their health at risk in the interests of looking after all citizens.

Whether we’re talking about the public or the private sector, it’s only by working shoulder to shoulder that we will manage to overcome this unprecedented situation.

CESI will do all that is conceivably possible to make sure we succeed!

Romain Wolff

CESI President