Registration now open – Upcoming on June 20 – [email protected] “European Pillar of Social Rights: Phrase-mongering or real social progress?”

June 20 will see the next edition of CESI’s event series ‘[email protected]’ with a lunchtime panel debate on ‘European Pillar of Social Rights: Phrase-mongering or real social progress?’ Registration to the event, which will be held jointly together with the Bertelsmann Stiftung, is now open.

The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI) and

the Bertelsmann Stiftung hereby invite you to the next

[email protected]

‘European Pillar of Social Rights: Phrase-mongering or real social progress?’

20 June 2017 – 12.00 to 2.00 pm
CESI (European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions)
Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée 1-5, 1040 Brussels (Metro Schuman)

The event will take place in English / Sandwich lunch will be provided at

1:30 / Register for the event here

In April, the European Commission published a package to deliver the European Pillar of Social Rights, 20 key principles and rights to shape fair and well-functioning labour markets and welfare systems. The objective of the Pillar is to serve as a “compass for a renewed process of convergence towards better working and living conditions” in the Member States.

Is this phrase-mongering or may the Pillar drive actual social change and progress? During our lunchtime debate, we invite you to hear and discuss if, and how, the Pillar can be made a success for citizens and workers: How can the proposed rights, principles and accompanying measures be implemented effectively, what is legally possible for the EU and what is politically feasible in the Member States? Which actors are now in the focus, the European Commission, Member State governments or social partners and civil society? And how could the Pillar complement the EU’s economic governance and fiscal coordination framework with an upgraded social dimension?

Klaus Heeger, Secretary General, CESI

Keynote address ‘Social justice and social policy reforms in the EU – State of play’:
Thorsten Hellmann, Project Manager, Bertelsmann Stiftung

Discussion with the participation of:
Georg Fischer, Director ‘Social Affairs’, DG EMPL, European Commission
Claire Dhéret, Senior Policy Analyst for Social Policy, European Policy Centre (EPC)
Conny Reuter, Secretary General, Solidar

Pierre Baussand, Head of Brussels Office, Eurofound

Henning vom Stein, Head of Brussels Office, Bertelsmann Stiftung