New Manifesto on the future of the teaching profession in Europe

In June, the CESI Europe Academy concluded its capacity-building project, financed by the European Union, on ‘Education professionals and trade unions in Europe: Horizon 2025’ with the release and publication of a manifesto on the future of the teaching profession in Europe.

By means of the manifesto, CESI intends to contribute to the discussion relating to the reputation of the teaching profession with a view to creating widespread support within society for education and educational professionals as important agents of social change.

According to the manifesto, a minimum level of harmonisation in education policies in Europe has become unavoidable, and support for teachers should be stepped up in terms of improved working conditions, salaries or academic minima.

Moreover, an adequate promotion of the values promoted by the European Union through duly-recognised professionals is considered an indispensable condition for the viability of a space for tolerance and freedom in Europe as well as an effective lever against violence, social forfeiture and individualism to the detriment of solidarity.

In this context, the member trade unions of CESI reaffirm in the manifesto the utility of teacher trade unions as competent interlocutors and as the legitimate representatives of education professionals, understanding them as underscoring the crucial importance of upgrading the profession. The manifesto finally calls for a re-examination of the place of the teaching profession in our present-day European society with the aim of enhancing its popularity.

The full manifestos are available in ENFRDEESIT.

Further information on the project ‘Education professionals and trade unions in Europe: Horizon 2025’: CESI Europe Academy website section