New CESI Youth Board meets for the first time in Brussels

On June 13 the members of the new CESI Youth Board met for the first time in Brussels. The meeting was fruitful as the work programme for the two years to come was discussed and the topics the CESI Youth will focus on were decided.

Youth unemployment as a general focus will to be driving the newly formed CESI Youth Board. The Board is particularly committed to work on initiatives developed at the EU level such as the Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ and Pro but will also seek to strengthen its platform that has been now established in order for the young people to have a place to share their thoughts, experiences and views of the society we are living in.

The CESI Youth Board members have great expectations from what the CESI Youth can achieve together with CESI. Giving a voice to young people, including the ‘youth’ perspective into the main work and fights of CESI, and spreading the initiative of a youth platform across national entities are parts of the objectives set by the CESI Youth Board for the next four years to come until the next CESI Youth Congress.

After a first common position on apprenticeship systems in Europe, the Board will gather views and opinions of its youth counterparts to create a basis on which the CESI Youth can start advocacy for more and fairer rights for young people. After an interesting presentation by Mr Andrei Popescu from the European Commission’s DG EDUC on the Solidarity Corps initiative at the Youth Board meeting, CESI Youth intends to position itself on this -in its view- interesting yet not flawless initiative.

The next CESI Youth Board meeting will be held in Palermo in September, which gives around three months to the Board members to work on set issues and reflect on their positions so as to present work and initiatives to each other in September.