Energy inflation: Open letter to the Czech Council Presidency

In advance of a scheduled extraordinary Council meeting of ministers responsible for energy policy on September 9, CESI has issued an open letter to the Czech Council Presidency, stressing that the meeting must bring tangible, concrete and immediate results to bring down energy prices for citizens, workers and their families.

In the letter, CESI:

  • expresses support for and appreciation of the extraordinary Energy Council that will be convening on September 9 with a view to addressing exploding energy prices in Europe.
  • highlights that for more than a year, workers and their families across Europe have been hit hard by inflation, which has been driven especially by surging energy prices, that even more and more middle income earners face risks of falling into poverty or have already done so, and that with inflation approaching 10% and no end being in sight, the wealth that employees have worked hard for during decades is eaten away in no time.
  • stresses that workers in Europe expect that they are being helped, that effective and immediate steps are being taken to maintain their purchasing power – also by public policy and beyond necessary broader and longer-term monetary action by the European Central Bank, and that, chiefly, public policy responses must include bringing down energy prices.
  • expresses a clear expectation that on September 9, the national ministers responsible for energy policy will, under the leadership of hte Czech Council Presidency, not shy away from their responsibility towards their citizens and take bold steps, that they will agree on concrete common lines to decrease gas and electricity prices to affordable levels – and that, after the meeting, there is no way left for different levels of public policy – EU, national, regional and local – to scapegoat each other for not taking action.

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger said: “Energy prices are soaring and workers demand answers from politics. Different Member States have called for a coordinated EU approach to take measures to decrease them to affordable levels. This extraordinary Council meeting needs to pave the way for effective and immediate responses to the energy crisis by the EU and the Member States.”

Full open letter as PDF