Earthquake in Turkish-Syrian border region: Presidium of CESI expresses condolences to the victims

Following the devastating earthquake in the Turkish-Syrian border region on February 6, the Presidium of CESI has issued a statement of condolence and support.

In view of the immense tragedy brought to the citizens at the Turkish-Syrian frontier region by a devastating earthquake, the Presidium of CESI:

  • expresses its deepest condolences to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria and stands in solidarity with those in need. The devastating impacts, which leave behind thousands of deaths, even more injured, and debris in an already fragile region, should mark the start of a purposeful international cooperation with more mutual support and understanding.
  • conveys its deepest respect to the emergency and rescue services at place and to all those citizens and international helping teams that have been helping on the spot, often putting their own lives at risk.
  • welcomes the immediate activation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism and calls upon the EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre to act quickly and efficiently.
  • calls upon European countries to promptly mobilise their civil protection mechanisms as well.
  • encourages CESI’s members and affiliates to offer every possible support to those in distress.
  • manifests its full support and gratitude to the frontline worker colleagues who risk their lives trying to save the lives of citizens: rescuers, firefighters, aid workers, and, not least, doctors and nurses.

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