CSIF proposes to reinforce the Spanish public administration with 106,000 new jobs in the next 3 years

The Spanish Central Independent and Public Employees’ Trade Union (CSIF), the most representative union in public administration and with a growing presence in the private sector, has carried out a Strategic Plan for Human Resources in Public Administration, which includes reinforcement of more than 106,000 members the next three years.

According to the Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants Central (CSIF):

– Health requires an additional plan with 289,235 between 2021-2031 to match the EU average;

– The union proposes a multi-year salary agreement to regain purchasing power: each public employee has lost between 24,611 and 53,362 euros in their payroll since 2010, the equivalent of working more than one year for free;

– CSIF demands that the Government negotiate the Recovery Plan and a human resources plan to reinforce staff. Only the State Administration spends almost 56 million a year on advisers.

CSIF considers that this reinforcement – intended for the Health, Education, Justice, General State Administration staff – should be contemplated in the Government’s Recovery Plan.

The effects of the pandemic have highlighted the structural needs of our public administrations, which have been stressed and on the verge of collapse in areas such as health and educational centres, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), Social Security or the administration of justice, due to the increase in the volume of files.

The CSIF report makes a diagnosis in different areas based on the fact that in the last 10 years 100,916 jobs have been destroyed. Likewise, CSIF reviewed the indicators such as the increase in the population over 65 years of age, the differences in investment and professional ratios with respect to the European average or the increase in pending cases in the Justice.

These are the needs:

General State Administration —————– 43,700 places.

Education —————————————— 43.393 places.

Justice ———————————————– 19,299 places.

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