CESI welcomes the European Commission’s proposal on the protection of whistle-blowers

On Monday April 23, the European Commission published a proposal backing the European Parliament’s recommendation for stronger protection of whistle-blowers in the European Union.

CESI welcomes the European Commission’s proposal for a directive to protect whistle-blowers across the EU. This proposal is the result of a long-lasting combat for the protection of those who alert the authorities and the public in case of wrongdoings, most of the time in the taxation area. “It is about time that the European Commission takes actions in this area. This proposal is a good step towards more consideration for the European citizens”, said CESI’s Secretary General Klaus Heeger.

“The protection of whistle-blowers, who help pointing fingers on dodgy practices and crack down unethical behaviour, is a crucial aspect of our democracies” he added. “The Commission is finally listening to our call for actions, and we welcome this.”

The proposal will indeed cover a large part of EU policy areas such as environmental, protection of personal data or consumer protection. However, CESI would like to support the claim calling for the introduction of a stronger protection of investigative journalists, as they work hand-in-hand with whistle-blowers to denunciate corruption.

The European Commission also opened a consultation period, where anyone can submit feedback on the proposal and the impact assessment as published yesterday. CESI will reply to this consultation and encourage everyone to present their views on this important subject matter.

For CESI position paper on Whistle-blowers, please check here