CESI welcomes French FA-FP and SSDMRS from Bosnia & Herzegovina as new full members

At its Board meeting on December 14, the Board of CESI ratified applications for full memberships of the French Autonomous Public Service Federation (FA-FP) and the Trade Union of Physicians in Srpska in Bosnia & Herzegovina (SSDMRS). CESI says welcome!

The French FA-FP, the Fédération Autonome de la Fonction Publique, brings together three sections: The FA-FPE (state civil service staff), the FA-FPT (regional and local administration personnel) and the FA-FPH (hospital public service employees). The FA-FPT by itself was a member of CESI already for many years before the FA-FP as an umbrella organisation applied for membership at CESI, thereby additionally bringing in the FA-FPE and the FA-FPH. More information about the FA-FP

The SSDMRS, which has a national scope but is active especially in the region of Srpska represents physicians and dentists employed in the public health care system. The SSDMRS was already an observer at CESI before now becoming a full member. More information about the SSDMRS

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger said: “I welcome the FA-FP and the SSDMRS in the CESI family. We have had ties with the FA-FPT before, and we have got to know the colleagues from the SSDMRS already during their time as an observer. Both organisations will be an asset for us and strengthen CESI in the government administration and health care sectors.”