CESI selected again as a member of the EU Platform for Tax Good Governance, Aggressive Tax Planning and Double Taxation

The European Commission confirmed the renewed selection of CESI as a non-governmental member of the EU Platform for Tax Good Governance, Aggressive Tax Planning and Double Taxation – an expert group which advises the European Commission on the desirability, feasibility and practicability of new measures for additional transparency in European and international tax matters. CESI welcomes the decision as a confirmation of the trusted expertise it can provide to policy makers in the area of fair and effective taxation.

Representing trade unions of tax administration personnel from countries across the EU, CESI has been a member of the Platform already since 2014. In accordance with Commission Decision 2019/C 428/08 on the renewal of the platform, the new term of office of CESI will run until at least October 31 2022.

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger welcomed the decision of the European Commission: “As a representative of employees in tax administrations across Europe, CESI has been committed to greater transparency and fairness in European and international taxation for many years. We welcome that the European Commission continues to count on the expertise of CESI also in the future.”

He added: “We will be very vocal about the inherent interlinks between the aim of a social Europe, performing public services and social fairness on the one hand and, on the other, an effective collection of all taxes that are due. Multinationals must also contibute their fair share to tax income by governments. We cannot accept that income from employment is high while multinaitonals find ever new creative solutions to evade taxes or avoid them using shady procedures. Transparency obligations must be increased in Europe and beyond, legal gray zones must be closed and clear-cut taxation rules be enforced. This will also require Member States to hire more tax administration personnel, step up further training opportunities for them, and run more tax inspections.”

More information about the Platform is available on the European Commission’s website and in the European Commission’s Expert group register.