CESI partner of 2018-19 ‘Healthy Workplaces Campaign’ of EU-OSHA

In 2018-19, CESI will be a partner of EU-OSHA’s newest ‘Healthy workplaces’ awareness raising campaign. Having been involved in several previous ‘Healthy workplaces’ campaign editions in the past, CESI will now participate for the fourth time in Europe’s biggest awareness raising campaign on occupational health and safety. The 2018-19 edition is themed ‘Managing dangerous substances’.

Existing since 2000, EU-OSHA’s Healthy workplaces campaigns typically run for two years and are backed by the EU institutions and social partners such as CESI. At the national level, they are coordinated by a network of focal points of EU-OSHA.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the risks posed by dangerous substances in the workplace and to promote a culture of risk prevention. The specific objectives are:

• to raise awareness of the importance of preventing risks from dangerous substances , helping to dispel common misunderstandings;
• to promote risk assessment by providing information on practical tools and creating opportunities to share good practices;
• to heighten awareness of risks linked to exposures to carcinogens at work  by supporting the exchange of good practices;
• to target groups of workers  with specific needs and higher levels of risks by providing tailored information as well as examples of good practices; and to
• to increase knowledge of the legislative framework that is already in place to protect workers, as well as highlighting policy developments.

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger said: “This Healthy Workplaces Campaign edition comes at a timely moment to complement the EU’s current legislative agenda on caps for carcinogens and mutagens at work: Legal restrictions on the exposure of workers to hazardous substances and accompanying awareness-raising projects and information-dissemination must go hand in hand. CESI will contribute to the success of the Campaign by reaching out to -and working with- its extensive network across Europe: For a proper and responsible management of dangerous substances which puts the health and safety of workers first.”

More information about CESI’s involvement in the 2018-19 Healthy Workplaces Campaign is available here.

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