CESI meets EU Education and Youth Commissioner Navracsics to discuss the role of teachers in tackling radicalisation through education

Today, on the 9th February 2017, Secretary General Klaus Heeger met with Commissioner of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Mr Tibor Navracsics, handing over CESI´s position paper on the issue of preventing radicalisation.

The discussion touched upon many points relevant to the fight against radicalisation, but also to the social policies needed to prevent social exclusion in Europe. The general sentiment is that the EU is at a turning point, facing unprecedented challenges with regards to radicalisation, terrorism and the rise of populism.

Furthermore, social media have become tools to prevent but also to spread radical and populist propaganda. The digital revolution is challenging the requirements of the workforce of the future.

“In these times, we are more than ever faced with intellectual and moral uncertainty and it is of utmost importance for us to be able to defend those value we consider being fundamental: human dignity, freedom and tolerance”, Secretary General Klaus Heeger underlined.  “CESI focuses on the importance and the valorisation of teachers, and the transmission of these values through education.”

The discussion with Commissioner Navracsics also included the importance of investment in education. “Today´s high unemployment especially amongst the young is also rooted in yesterday’s education policies and the lack in investments thereof”, Commissioner Navracsics highlighted. “The electorate demands tangible results now, but investments in education will show on a long-term basis.”

CESI will continue highlighting the many challenges facing the educational sector as much as we tackle the security situation, making sure that no one is excluded or left behind.

Picture: CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger with Commissioner Tibor Navracsics © European Union, 2017/EC Audiovisual Service/ Francois Walschaerts