CESI celebrates 10 years of active contribution to the European sectoral social dialogue for central government administration

On December 3rd 2020 CESI joined with EPSU (as part of the ‘TUNED’ employee delegation) and the employer social partner EUPAE on the 10th anniversary of the EU Social Dialogue Committee for Central Government Administrations (SDC CGA) to adopt a common statement highlighting the achievements of the sectoral social dialogue and setting its priorities for the future.

The statement was made under the disastrous circumstance of the COVID-19 pandemic, and hence addresses some of the shortcomings in public administrations revealed during this crisis.

One of the most important recommendations of the statement: “Ensuring sufficiently staffed and resourced public administrations and improving cooperation within and between member states will be critical to the recovery from the pandemic and better preparedness to other sanitary or ecological crisis.”

Other priorities for the years to come in this sectoral social dialogue committee include reaching an agreement on digitalisation to address both the quality of working conditions and the effective accessibility to good public administrations, a well-functioning EU social dialogue, and, not least, ensuring everyone’s right to benefit from good administration.