Adoption of Quality and effective apprenticeships by the Council of the EU

On 15 March, the Council adopted a recommendation on a framework for quality and effective apprenticeships, aimed at helping young people to enter the world of work. This recommendation encourages the development of a highly skilled and qualified workforce.

CESI has been contributing to the consultation process of the apprenticeships framework and is welcoming such a quick decision from the Council on such an important topic. CESI Youth has been following this process closely and has been active on other platforms such as the European Apprentices Network to promote high quality of apprenticeship systems across the EU.

The European Apprentices Network, to which the CESI Youth Representative, Matthäus Fandrejewski is member, adopted its priorities; 7 of which can be similarly found in the Apprenticeship framework. The binding nature of the agreement between the apprentices and the employers, the requests for adequate remuneration and social protection, or the importance of career guidance, are issues perceived as crucial by CESI Youth in order to achieve high standards apprenticeships schemes.

Matthäus Fandrejewski expressed his enthusiasm for this adoption; “I also have done a 3-year apprenticeship, I am very happy that the EU institutions have realized the importance of a good quality framework for apprentices. Nowadays we need to offer young people better alternatives than university degrees, to be well prepared to enter the labour market. With this framework a first step towards quality was taken.”

From this point onwards, it is up to the Ministers to demonstrate their commitment to this initiative by the proper implementation of the recommendation.

For more information on CESI’s position on the subject matter here is our position paper.