MKKSZ, Trade Union of Hungarian Civil Servants and Public Employees is carrying 7 days online strike.

The event will run for 7 days, from October 20th to 27th. The first 6 days are informative, tuning in, the main day of the strike is October 27.

KKSZ is fighting for a legal social sector strike since 2019. They have not been able to achieve this goal yet, as the Hungarian government regulates the social sector strike while demanding the so-called 100% “still sufficient service”. This practically means that it requires 100% work during the strike, making the strike impossible.

The main goal of this strike is a wage increase, as the salary scale of civil servants in the social sector has remained unchanged for 13 years.

In addition, this year the government awarded HUF 500,000 to healthcare workers in exchange for their work during the pandemic.

Workers in the social sector received nothing, although during the quarantine period, health care was “paused,” and the social sphere functioned not only fully, but with extra work.

As a “traditional” strike is not legally possible at the moment, MKKSZ announced an online social sector strike on Facebook page as part of an event, “FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND FOR 500,000!” title.

The demand in this form is nothing more than a wage increase and that all employees in the social sector receive the same reward of HUF 500,000.

‼️ CALL TO ACTION 📣📣📣 In this form of strike (or here most) the number of participants is key. That is why we ask CESI’s connections to share the link of the strike’s Facebook event on its website, on all social media platforms, and to all its employees, all members, all organizations and ask everyone to support the MKKSZ movement by clicking on the “I will be there” button.

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