Labour Day: CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger stresses ongoing need for solidarity

On the occasion of Labour Day, CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger stressed the ongoing need for solidarity in Europe.

“Today, in the face of the Corona crisis, we have to express our immense gratitude to those who are at the front line in the fight against the crisis, risking their lives and health – for us all.

Especially today, we must recall that our vocation is to protect those who protect, to care for those who care, to defend those who defend.

Especially today, we must recall that we must stand united to overcome this crisis as quickly as possible – whatever it takes.

And especially today, we have to realise that even more solidarity will be needed to face the future.

In the past weeks and months, we have seen much solidarity. But to fight both the virus and the economic and social consequences of the ‘Great Lockdown’ will require more.

It will require solidarity between those who have and those who don´t, between the strong and the vulnerable, within societies and between nations.

And what we promise today, on Labour Day, must be kept in the future.

We will be put to the test.

Today, despite the looming crisis, we wish everyone a Happy Labour Day. To honour all workers. To pay tribute to them. To commit ourselves to more solidarity.”

For further information on CESI’s position on the Corona crisis and the future of work, please see CESI’s papers on the future of work, social protection and interest representation and on the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe.