Coronavirus – Taking stock, a message from Dr Miodrag Femic, Trade Union of Doctors of Medicine of Republika Srpska

Corona, synonymous with the disease worldwide, now also stands for ‘emergency’; an emergency which has caused great panic among people and fear of something known and yet also unknown.

The virus is present in a large number of countries, where it is having, and will continue to have, a devastating impact.

What is certain is that life will never be the same again. Coronavirus leaves terrible scars on both the individual and society as a whole and has become a great indicator of the situation in all spheres of society. It is now visible and, in the immediate future, will be viewed as a way to evaluate what we have done so far and how much politics has influenced all developments.

What has definitely become clear is that, as the family is the basic core of society, the worker is the basic core of economics.

The worker, irrespective of profession, has shown his true place and importance in this situation and proved who we can rely on.

Depressed, humiliated, underpaid, lacking basic human and professional rights in many countries, constrained by politics and various legal acts, this worker rises from the ashes and shows us the direction we should take.

It is now evident that all our work and efforts, the struggle for that worker and the battle within the organisations that operate to make sure he enjoys a better future, is not in vain and gives us the strength to continue working, ensuring he reaches the position he deserves. In order to be able to do this, we must come up with solutions and strive for equality in the future, forget about our mutual tensions and differences, not forgetting everything that has been achieved so far, but understanding the importance of each individual and work to stand up for his rights and guarantee him a better socio-economic status.

Allow me, as a representative of my frontline workers, who selflessly give themselves to everyone else, to welcome and support everyone else wishing to stay in good health and a enjoy as better future for themselves and their families.

Trade Union of Doctors of Medicine of Republika Srpska

Miodrag Femić, PhD