PULSER – Performing public services and performing public service personnel for the best possible implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights

#PULSER – Summary of the action

The PULSER project aims to organize four sectoral training and working groups on how to support the reforms of Public Administration, manage the changes in public services and the work of public services personnel, and to exchange transnational good practices.

The sectoral information and working groups will generate an expert study, carried out in collaboration with the European Policy Centre (EPC), on the performance of public services and the role of public service personnel in Europe, highlighting also the social return on investment that they generate.

The four chosen sectors being:

  • Central government administration and finance as well as local and regional administration, representing personnel in all levels and sections of government, agencies and public bodies
  • Education and training, representing teachers and educators in primary, secondary and tertiary education as well as in VET and further professional training
  • Health services, representing hospital staff, nurses and physicians
  • Justice services, representing police personnel, prison wards and justice sector staff in all levels of the judicial systems

In a second phase, a European Symposium is planned to review the European programs under the new MFF for future skills, training and intra EU mobility for Public Administration personnel.

During the second part of the Symposium, significant data from the study will be discussed and presented a pan-European media campaign on the value of an efficient public administration (public services and public sector employees).

These tools shall raise awareness among policymakers and the society in general about the added value of well-staffed and hence performing public services to deliver the EPSRs.

The deliverables of PULSER project shall include:

  1. 4 sectoral training and working groups
  2. 1 study on PA role and PA personnel
  3. 1 EU symposium on public sector role and personnel performance and opportunities
  4. 1 EU-level campaign for public service personnel
  5. 1 communication package
  6. 1 awareness video supporting the campaign
  7. 1 website with access to all the deliverables

Duration of the activities

The project started in January 2019 and should continue until December 2021 for a duration of approx. 24 months, plus the reporting phase.

#Pulser project presentation (PDF)

#PULSER Photos

CESI EPC – Study on well-performing public services (PDF)

Project Manager: Tomasz Koguc

Project Coordinator: Marcella Migliori

PULSER playlist on Youtube

The project is co-funded by the European Union

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