Current Projects

DiWork – Digitalising public services: Making it work for citizens, business and workers

The project aims to go in the direction of digital transformation through the identification of tools and actions, making a distinction between different sectors and selected countries with the final goal of strengthening and consolidating the basic and advanced digital skills of the employee with effective change management.

This project also aims to investigate these evolving realities, to provide the Trade Unions’ Representatives with a better understanding of how employees can benefit from technology, but also understand the associated risks in terms of possible deterioration of working conditions and the potential impact new technologies can have on occupational health and safety.

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WeEP – The EP and workers: a well-designed post-COVID19 recovery plan

The WeEP project wants to contribute to raising citizens’ awareness of the role and democratic values of the European Union especially related to the political and legislative priorities on employment, environment and digital transformation.

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PULSER – Performing public services and performing public service personnel for the best possible implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights

The PULSER project aims to organize four sectoral training and working groups on how to support the reforms of Public Administration, manage the changes in public services and the work of public services personnel, and to exchange transnational good practices.

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Trade unions for a zero tolerance towards violence at work: Protecting public sector workers in Europe

The objective of this project is to raise awareness about developing trivialisations or acceptances of violence against state representatives, to build capacity improved occupational prevention and repression tools at work.

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Precarity of work: Empowering trade union to address new challenges

The objectives of this project are to inform decision makers and stakeholders about challenges related to precarious work in Europe, to strengthen the voice of trade unions in their fight against precarious work

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