COVID-19: Report from the Union of Doctors of Medicine of Montenegro

With the emergency of COVID-19, CESI asked Dr Milena Popović Samardžić, epidemiologist and President of the Union of Doctors of Medicine of Montenegro, an update on the national situation and challenges for the profession deriving from the infection.

My name is Milena Popović Samardžić, an epidemiologist and the President of the Union of Doctors of Medicine of Montenegro that has been a member of the CESI family for the past 4 years.

I am writing deeply concerned, as I follow daily reports on the number of people infected with the new coronavirus as well as on the number of those who have lost the battle with it.

Only a few days ago, Montenegro confirmed first cases of COVID-19 infection. We have been preparing for that moment by closely watching the experiences and messages of colleagues from the countries that had already been facing all the challenges of this pandemic.

This is the moment that recognizes no borders nor nations. We are all in this task together and only in this way can we succeed. Let’s join forces and capacities. Let’s share experiences and information in one place. Information on the clinical picture, on treatment, the effects of treatment, on the protection of medical professionals and the equipment they use in particular situations. Countries that do not have enough equipment and human capacities will be at greater risk of spreading the infection among healthcare professionals, which will bring them before even greater challenge. Please share your experiences with us in the rare moments of rest.

Finally, I want to express my deepest gratitude, my utmost respect to all my colleagues for everything they do to put the spreading of COVID-19 infection under control and to wish us all good luck.

Dr Milena Popović Samardžić


Union of Doctors of Medicine of Montenegro