CESI Youth

CESI Youth

CESI established an own youth organisation, the CESI Youth, in 2013 in order to encourage and promote union activity among young people and to give a voice to CESI’s young affiliates.

The CESI Youth is composed of the youth representatives of CESI’s member organisations and is steered by a Youth Representative. CESI’s General Secretariat supports the CESI Youth in the implementation and execution of its objectives.

The CESI Youth holds at least one regular meeting per year, informing the youth-related interest representation of the CESI Youth and CESI more generally. As such, CESI Youth meetings also act as a forum for exchange of views, expertise and information on youth-related subject matters between its members and for deliberation and debate with politicians, stakeholders, academics and representatives of national and EU institutions and agencies.

The current Representative of the CESI Youth is Matthäus Fandrejewski (dbb Jugend), who was nominated at a constitutive CESI Youth Camp held at Lake Balaton in Hungary in September 2013 and provisionally confirmed by the Presidium of CESI shortly thereafter. The first regular election for the Youth Representative will be held at the first CESI Youth Congress in December 2017.

CESI is committed to promote the development of the CESI Youth and its inclusion in CESI’s internal decision-making processes. The CESI Youth Representative sits on CESI’s Board with advisory voting rights and is a delegate at CESI Congresses. Moreover, the CESI Youth has the right to submit motions to the CESI Congress, accompanied by a position of the Presidium of CESI. Following the first CESI Youth Congress, the CESI Youth will have its own Constitution and rules of procedure but remains structurally embedded in CESI, receiving its yearly budget from CESI and working within the general objectives of the organisation.

Further organisational details as well as the subject-specific position papers of the CESI Youth are available in the resources section.
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CESI Youth’s work can also be followed on its Facebook page and on Twitter (@CESIYouth).
The CESI Youth Representative can be contacted by e-mail via [email protected].

CESI Youth Representative and CESI Policy Adviser for youth policies

CESI Youth Representative, dbb
Policy Adviser, CESI General Secretariat