Europe Academy

Europe Academy

“Engaging CESI’s member trade unions, as the CESI-Europe Academy does, is crucial in ensuring that employees affected by European policies have the opportunity to have their voices heard and can actively participate in improving these policies from the ground up.” 

Emilio Fatovic, CESI Europe Academy President

The CESI Europe Academy is CESI’s training centre. Each year, the CESI Europe Academy engages in usually two projects with the financial support of the European Commission. These projects provide its members with the possibility of delving deeper into current social and political issues in Europe and engaging them in debates with policy-makers and international experts through the seminars at the heart of each project.

The Board is the consulting body of CESI. Members of the Board give input to the annual programme and develop ideas for upcoming events projects.

CESI addresses current issues relating to European social and labour policies through its twice yearly projects which are organised by the CESI Europe Academy. Projects in the past have included lifelong learning, health and preventive healthcare, achieving an appropriate work-life balance, flexicurity, the European Social Model and the role of the public sector and its social partners in overcoming the economic crisis, among many others. For the full list of past projects, including speakers, programmes and results, please consult “Past projects”.