European Parliament AGS report echoes CESI priorities on public social investments

15 Mar 2018
On Tuesday this week, the European Parliament plenary adopted a report on employment and social aspects in the 2018 Annual Growth Survey (AGS), issued by the European Commission last November. CESI Secretary General welcomed the report which echoes long-standing... Read more

CESI Presidium Resolution on the European Commission’s Social Fairness Package

15 Mar 2018
At its meeting today, the Presidium of CESI adopted a resolution in response to the Social Fairness Package, a set of two proposals issued on March 13 by the European Commission on a 'Recommendation on access to social protection for workers and... Read more

CESI Presidium priorities for the post-2020 MFF

15 Mar 2018
At its meeting today, the Presidium of CESI adopted a resolution in the context of public consultations by the European Commission on the priorities for the EU's post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF). In its resolution, the Presidium stresses... Read more

Galician justice officials on strike over work-life balance and equal pay for equal work

14 Mar 2018
2,500 officials of the Justice Administration in Galicia (North West of Spain) have been on strike for 5 weeks in response to the refusal of the regional government to negotiate an increase in salary and other measures to improve their working conditions.... Read more

SOC and FEMM Commissions in dialogue with European Parliament and European Commission on EU social and employment policy

12 Mar 2018
On March 8, CESI's members' Commissions on Employment and Social Affairs (SOC) and Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) convened for their first meeting of the year in Brussels to discuss CESI's advocacy on EU employment and social... Read more