CESI participates in CONFSAL conference on education for professional development

12 Feb 2016
On 29 January, 2016, CESI’s Italian member organisation CONFSAL held a high level conference in Rome on the importance of a quality education for the cultural, personal and professional development of young people. CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger... Read more

CESI SOC/FEMM-Commissions discuss the future direction of EU employment and gender equality policies

10 Feb 2016
Today, CESI's Commissions on Employment and Social Affairs Commission (SOC) and Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) convened for their first meeting of the year in Brussels. As CESI's most important members' committees for deliberation... Read more

CESI to host Erasmus+ seminar on civic engagement of young persons in trade unions

5 Feb 2016
On March 3-4, CESI will host a seminar on ‘Youth and the unions: An example of participation in democratic life’.

A positive signal: European Parliament calls for an exclusion of public services from TiSA and other future trade agreements

4 Feb 2016
Yesterday, the European Parliament's plenary adopted its own-initiative report on recommendations to the European Commission on the negotiations for the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). The report calls to exclude public services from the agreement.... Read more

New CESI position on trade and investment agreements available

29 Jan 2016
A new CESI position paper on EU free trade and investment agreements, adopted by the CESI Presidium and Board in December 2015, is now available in CESI's five working languages.