Better anticipate change and restructuring in public administrations in Europe: The role of information and consultation of workers

About the symposium

  • Dublin, 25-26 June 2015
  • Synthesis: EN / FR / DE / ES / IT
  • Brochure: EN / FR / DE

During the two-day symposium in Dublin, expert speakers of various backgrounds discussed why and how restructuring processes in public administrations need to take better account of the employees’ perspectives. The conference took place timely against the backdrop of work by CESI at EU social partner level to create an EU-wide right to information & consultation of central administration workers, especially in restructuring processes, which was concluded soon after the symposium in December 2015, when CESI (together with EPSU) signed a social partner agreement with the employers’ side. More information about the symposium is available here.


  • FATOVIC Emilio, 25.6: FR / IT
  • SCHMID-DRÜNER Marion, 25.6.: EN
  • HURLEY John, 25.6. (2 presentations): EN / EN
  • SLOMAN Peter, 25.6.: EN
  • GORIS François, 25.6.: FR / NL
  • LASNE Laurent, 25.6.: FR
  • MEJIAS ROMAN, Juan Carlos, 25.6.: EN / ES
  • KÖPER Birgit, 26.6.: 26.6.: EN
  • SMYTH Agathe, 26.6.: EN
  • HEEGER Klaus, 26.6.: FR