The future of healthcare: Tackling the understaffing in the healthcare sector

We herewith invite you to our [email protected] online event on 26th of February 2021, 2.00- 3.30 pm

We are at a crossroad in our European health systems, as resources are being depleted and as our healthcare needs are more stringent than ever. Long before the beginning of this unprecedented pandemic CESI has been advocating for more investment in the health care structure and its professionals.

Public health has ever since lied in the competence of the Member States, and for an EU health competence have remained scarce. With the pandemic however, it has become clear that not only the fight against the virus, but also the just distribution of health equipment and workforce need to be addressed in a coordinated way. One of the major issues at stake is the lack of sufficient doctors and nurses.

On the one hand, the practice of ‘importing’ healthcare professionals to address the shortages has ever since been a short-sighted solution – an approach which led to severe brain drain and understaffing in the countries of origin. Does this issue need to be addressed as a part of the heralded ‘European Health Union’? What are the answers of trade unions and medical staff from different countries?

On the other hand, EU-wide guidelines or standards for patient-nurse of patient-doctor ratios could help anticipating staff shortages. Data shows that investment in the health care staff brings good externalities: more motivated personnel with better retention rates and less part-time work, and a European ‘patient-nurse’ or ‘patient-doctor’ ratio could lead to more investments in the sector and ensure that the healthcare systems are prepared for permanently increasing health care needs.

The debate shall look into ways to overcome the effects of the pandemic, but also on how to sustainably tackle the increasing care needs of ageing societies.

The following speakers shall introduce into the debate:

  • Klaus Heeger, CESI Secretary-General
  • Dolors Montserrat, Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the PETI Committee, EPP
  • Simona Guagliardo, European Policy Center
  • Esther Reyes, President of the former CESI trade council ‘Health’, SATSE, Spain
  • Oliver Krzywanek, dbb, Germany
  • Milena Popovic, SCMCG, Montenegro
  • Anneke Westerlaken, CNV Connectief, Netherlands

If you wish to participate, please register here .

This event is part of CESI’s ongoing EU co-funded PULSER project which focuses on capacity-building and support for performing public services and public services personnel in Europe.

We will reply as soon as possible with the link to the event and with other information.

The event will take place in Spanish and English.

Photo credits: ReSurge-International (Flickr)