Changing forms of precarious work and trade union responses in the post- Covid-19 times, Marta Kahancova

How has Covid-19 been affecting precarious work and trade unions? How to face its challenges? Read all about it in this article written by Marta Kahancova, Central European Labour Studies Institute, Bratislava, Slovakia, for the #noprecariouswork project.

In this article, Marta Kahancova looks at the different dimensions of precarity in public sector, highlighting the excessive pressures on working time (particularly for healthcare sector workers), the challenges of organising teleworking, and ensuring working conditions related to health and safety.

Covid-19 emphasized the importance of collective bargaining, the need for a stricter working time regulation, as well as for health and safety at the workplace. Trade unions should also reach out to precarious workers and inform them of their rights.

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