CESI Presidium convenes at CSIF in Madrid

CESI’s Spanish member CSIF, the Central Independent and Public Employees’ Trade Union -the most representative union in the national public sector and a growing actor in private sector too- hosted CESI’s first Presidium meeting of the year on March 21 in Madrid.

In light of the upcoming EU elections, the Presidium approved a manifesto demanding greater commitment from all Member States to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights. The Presidium also highlighted the need to increasingly stand up for liberal democracy in which the rule of law, the protection of minorities and pluralism -including trade union pluralism- are respected throughout. The Presidium also expressed its determined support towards CSIF to be considered as recognised social partner on an equal footing with the other Spanish trade unions.

Through the manifesto it adopted, the Presidium is sending a clear message to defend a better and fairer public perception of the European Union, not least by means of a more flexible approach towards European integration.

In addition, the Presidium demands a more socially driven political agenda which promotes and protects decent work, fairer taxation systems, an increased valorisation of public services and employees as guardians of stability and cohesion, and not least economic and fiscal policies which consider social expenditure as a true investment in people.

Against the background of rising job insecurity in Spain and across Europe, CSIF and members of CESI’s Presidium vehemently demanded the adoption of the currently negotiated EU legislation on predictable and transparent working conditions, posted road transport workers, work-life balance and a new European Labour Authority.

And in view of a potential slowdown of the European and Spanish economies, both CSIF and CESI Presidium members also called for greater protection of public services. Member States should not once again fall prey to the temptation of downsizing the public sector as a -seemingly- easy way to reduce public deficts. Public services require sufficient, well-trained and motivated staff, and well-equipped public services undoubtedly promote economic stability and social cohesion in Europe.

CESI’s Presidium also expressed its support of CSIF’s proposal for a reform of the Organic Law on Freedom of Association in Spain.

CESI’s EU elections manifesto will be made available in the resources section soon.

Video with the Manifesto presentation during the Presidium in Madrid

Picture: Members of the Presidium of CESI with CSIF-President Miguel Borra and Jan de Vries, Chairman of CESI’s member CNV-Connectief © CSIF 2019