Employment Commission Javier Jordán de Urries Sagarna welcomes trilogue agreement on a new European Labour Authority

With trilogue negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council on a new European Labour Authority concluded, the President of CESI’s Employment and Social Affairs Commission, Javier Jordán de Urries Sagarna from the Spanish CSIF trade union organisation, broadly welcomes the agreement between the legislative negotiators and calls for a swift final adoption of the trilogue agreement.

The European Labour Authority aims to support the Member States in the application and implementation of EU law in the area of worker labour mobility. Its main duty will be to act in situations in which the smooth operation of the Single Market is at risk. It shall not only coordinate joint and concerted inspections between the Member States but also be able to launch them.

Javier Jordán de Urries Sagarna broadly welcomes the creation of the new European Labour Authority: “Social partners in the Member States will have the possibility to report both cases of known or suspected illegal practices to the European Labour Authority.

This is a new and valuable communication channel to raise concerns about cross-border abusive labour and employment conditions in Europe.”

He added: “I am particularly glad that the advisory Stakeholder Group of the new authority will be open to all European social partners and that there must be a competitive selection procedure among all European social partner organisations, horizontal and sectoral alike and regardless of their size, to distribute the ten available seats in the group, based on who is ‘most concerned’ by labour mobility challenges. It will be the authority’s Management Board to ensure a neutral and objective selection.”

CESI has been a long-standing proponent of trade unionism pluralism and inclusive social dialogue.

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Picture: CESI Employment and Social Affairs Commission President Javier Jordán de Urries Sagarna (CSIF) © CESI 2019