COVID-19 pandemic: CESI expresses its deep gratitude to all health professionals

An expression of gratitude to all health professionals in the EU and worldwide by CESI Secretary-General Klaus Heeger and the President of CESI’s Trade Council ‘Health’ Esther Reyes.

“As CESI Secretary-General and as President of the CESI Trade Council ‘Health’, we express our deepest gratitude to all health professionals EU- and worldwide.

The real impact of their work on our daily lives has never been as tangible as today.

We acknowledge the commitment of the hundreds of thousands of nurses and doctors, who do their utmost to care for citizens and patients, and who put our health and safety first.

Our European health systems are the backbone of our societies – and our lives. From the cradle to the grave we want to rely on viable, well-functioning health systems which can respond to our needs in a timely and trustworthy manner.

Despite these needs, and notwithstanding a further increase -such as an ageing population with increasing complex care needs-, the provision of health care has become increasingly difficult. This is due to a continuous lack of investment and an ongoing shortage of staff in the sector.

We, therefore, call for an overall societal reflection on the long-term sustainability of our health care systems. Europe needs better equipped and well-staffed health care services. And this requires more investment!

In concert with our member organisations, we insist on the necessity to pay more attention to the human factor as the key element in the provision of good and sustainable health services.

In light of the recent dramatic evolutions in the world and the drastic safety measures taken, we would like to reiterate our gratitude, appreciation and respect for the work of all our health professionals.

We care for those who care. Thank you.”

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