Evaluation of the EU postal services directive again a priority for CESI’s post & telecoms trade council

19 Dec 2019
On Wednesday, December 18, CESI's Trade Council 'Post & Telecoms', bringing together CESI's sectoral telecommunications and postal services trade unions, convened for its last meeting of the year in Brussels. The agenda featured,... Read more

New CESI position paper on the future of work

15 Dec 2019
On the occasion of the beginning of the new EU legislative term, the CESI Presidium adopted a new position paper on 'The future of work: social protection, decent employment and interest representation'. As a key topic area for both trade unions... Read more

UNI Europa, CESI, PostEurop adopt joint social partner statements the Postal Services Directive and on Training

11 Dec 2019
On December 6 2019, at a plenary meeting of the European sectoral social dialogue committee on postal services, its component members -UNI Europa and CESI for the employees and PostEurop for the employers- adopted a joint statement on the review of the... Read more

CESI Youth Board meets in Brussels to set priorities and objectives for 2020 and beyond

10 Dec 2019
On December 10 the members of the Board of the CESI Youth convened in Brussels in order to set the CESI Youth’s overarching priorities and objectives for the next year.

CESI-supported European Policy Centre (EPC) study and high-level conference on the future of work

9 Dec 2019
On December 9, the European Policy Centre (EPC) held the closing high-level conference on its CESI-supported project 'The future of work: Towards a progressive agenda for all', in conjunction with the publication of a study on the same topic.... Read more