Mass migration: Europe’s biggest challenge

To provide for humane and integrative immigration into Europe has always been a tremendous challenge for the EU member states in the past decades. But with the spread of crisis in the Middle-East and Northern Africa over the last years, and with immigration... Read more

CESI concerned about Greek privatisation measures

20 Aug 2015, keywords :
One month after the euro summit and the political agreement reached on 13 July, a new financial assistance agreement mobilising up to €86 billion for Greece has been reached on 14 August. Yesterday, the European Commission also signed with Greece a... Read more

After the withdrawal of the maternity leave proposal: Commission publishes roadmap on work-life balance for those with dependants

Last month, after continued blockades by the Council, the European Commission withdrew its proposal on a revised maternity leave directive from 2008. Today, it presented a roadmap on a new follow-up initiative. The roadmap, themed 'A new start to... Read more

TTIP, occupational pensions & the Juncker Plan: CESI speaks to MEP Thomas Mann

Just in time before the Brussels summer recess, CESI spoke to MEP Thomas Mann about recent developments in EU employment and social affairs - most notably in relation to the current revision of occupational pension rules in the EU, the TTIP's likely... Read more

European Commission opens consultation on EU social security coordination

Last week, the European Commission opened a public consultation on the EU's social security coordination legislation. CESI is currently running an internal consultation among its members with a view to submitting a joint CESI response.