CESI speaks at European Semester Alliance’s parliamentary hearing on the European Semester

On Tuesday this week, the European Semester Alliance held a hearing in the European Parliament on the functioning of the European Semester, hosted by MEPs Marian Harkin and Sergio Gutiérrez-Prieto. As a member of the European Semester Alliance group,... Read more

CESI participates in social partner hearing on work-life balance legislation

Yesterday, the European Commission held a dedicated hearing with social partners on forthcoming measures in matters of its recently published Roadmap on work-life balance. CESI also participated in this hearing.

CESI and EPC hold expert workshop on social investments

Today, CESI together with the European Policy Centre (EPC) held an expert workshop on ‘How to integrate the concept of social investment in the macro-economic and fiscal governance instruments of the EU?’. This was the second meeting of its kind following... Read more

New settlement for the UK: A bad day for the EU

The 28 heads of state and government of the EU Member States have agreed on a new settlement for the UK within the EU. What has been decided unanimously actually puts at risk two of the founding pillars of the EU: the principles of non-discrimination... Read more

Full house at CESI-Eurodiaconia parliamentary breakfast on fair labour mobility

Yesterday, CESI in cooperation with Eurodiaconia held a breakfast meeting in the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Jean Lambert, on fair labour mobility in the EU. With the participation of MEPs from four parliamentary groups, the European Commission's... Read more