CESI-supported European Policy Centre (EPC) study and high-level conference on the future of work

9 Dec 2019
On December 9, the European Policy Centre (EPC) held the closing high-level conference on its CESI-supported project 'The future of work: Towards a progressive agenda for all', in conjunction with the publication of a study on the same topic.... Read more

CESI Trade Councils “Local and Regional Administrations” (ALR) and “Central Administrations and Finance” (ACF)

On the occasion of the last CESI Trade Councils "Local and Regional Administrations" (ALR) and "Central Administrations and Finance" (ACF), trade unions' representatives from several European countries, met in Brussels to share... Read more

Editorial of the Secretary General: The future of the EU, work and CESI

4 Dec 2019
Dear colleagues, members, partners and friends, Now that the new Commission is in place, time to focus on the to-do list for the coming years. As the Commission´s work program is not yet adopted, looking at the respective mission letters to Executive... Read more

CESI Youth celebrates its candidate membership within the largest European youth organisation platform – the European Youth Forum

On Saturday 23rd of November 2019 in Amiens (France), CESI Youth received the vote of confidence from the Council of Members of the European Youth Forum to join their organisation as a candidate member.

Trade council ‘Education, training and research’ on how to raise the voice of teachers through CESI ‘Manifesto for the teaching profession: Horizon 2025’ (and beyond)

29 Nov 2019
At its annual meeting in Brussels, CESI's internal members’ Trade Council committee 'Education' (EDUC) continued the discussion around the role of teachers in the European Education Area: how to better support them and strive to gain... Read more