Hope – Editorial of the Secretary-General Klaus Heeger

4 May 2020
“Overall, the European economy remains on a path of steady and moderate growth. Over the next two years, annual GDP growth in the euro area is expected to settle at 1.2%, the same as in 2019.” European Economic Forecast, institutional Paper 121,... Read more

Coronavirus what has been done by Europe, beyond ideological exploitation and fake news.

4 May 2020
The pandemic has shocked the old continent in a heavier and deeper way than any other part of the world. The total number of infected is higher than in the USA and China, and unfortunately so is the number of deaths. The EU´s economy has been and... Read more

Labour Day: CESI says thank you to all workers in the frontline of COVID19 who put their own life at risk everyday for everyone’s health and safety!

1 May 2020
On this year’s Labour Day it is important to address the impact the COVID19 is having and will continue have, on the world of work.

Labour Day: CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger stresses ongoing need for solidarity

1 May 2020
On the occasion of Labour Day, CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger stressed the ongoing need for solidarity in Europe.

The response of teachers in Spain to the Coronavirus crisis

30 Apr 2020
The 2019-2020 academic year has been blighted by an unprecedented widespread pandemic which has forced us to rethink the way we live our lives. In the field of education, this has meant forcibly closing down institutions to make way for a new and previously... Read more