CESI position on the EU postal services directive

17 Mar 2020
In February, CESI adopted its position on the ongoing evaluation and, perhaps, subsequent revision of the EU postal services directive 97/67/EC. In its position, CESI makes a case for a European postal legislative framework which places sustainable and... Read more

COVID-19 pandemic: CESI expresses its deep gratitude to all health professionals

13 Mar 2020
An expression of gratitude to all health professionals in the EU and worldwide by CESI Secretary-General Klaus Heeger and the President of CESI's Trade Council ‘Health’ Esther Reyes.

Kirsten Lühmann on the International Women’s Day: Support the European Union’s Gender Equality Strategy

9 Mar 2020
March 8 is International Women’s Day. Celebrated under the auspices of the UN every year since 1977, the day recalls persisting and widespread gender inequalities around the world. According to Kirsten Lühmann, President of CESI’s Commission on Women’s... Read more

CESI statement on ad-hoc EU social partner consultation on a reinforced Youth Guarantee

4 Mar 2020
As part of its work programme for the year 2020, the European Commission is currently inquiring the possibility to reinforce the Youth Guarantee scheme. In an ad-hoc social partner consultation statement, CESI made sketched its priorities for a revamped... Read more

Editorial of the Secretary General – Solidarity: Migration, EU budget and the Coronavirus

3 Mar 2020
Dear colleagues, members, partners and friends, Now that the UK has left the EU, solidarity among the remaining 27 member states is immediately vehemently stress-tested. As Erdogan has opened the borders to the EU for refugees in Turkey, Greek Prime... Read more