CESI highlights the importance of the public sector in times of economic crisis

14 May 2013
Tuesday 14 May saw stakeholders from all sectors of society (the Institutions, trade unions, think-tanks, national representations and other NGO’s) come together to debate The Importance of the Public Sector in times of Economic Crisis, which took into... Read more

Justice Trade Council underlines importance of sharing experiences across Europe

13 May 2013
The Justice Trade Council met at the end of last week (Friday 10 May) to elect the new Board and to discuss issues of serious concern for CESI member organisations, such as the importance of quality work for workers in prison in Europe.

EU civil servants go on strike against reforms to staff regulations

6 May 2013
As COREPER meets (8 May 2013) to take a decision on the findings of their Working Party for Staff Regulation´s, civil servants of the European Institutions will be protesting in front of the Council building, voicing their objections to the measures... Read more

Security Trade Council: New board, renewed commitments

2 May 2013
The Security Trade Council met on Monday 29 April with a full agenda to discuss EU priorites in Justice and Home Affairs, as well as to appoint its new Board.

[email protected] – Fighting for adequate and sustainable pensions

This week CESI and its member organisations came together to discuss the White Paper put forward by the European Commission on “An Agenda for Adequate, Safe and Sustainable Pensions”.