ANPE, Spanish National Association of Teachers


National Association of Teachers in Spain

The ANPE Sindicato Independiente is an organisation which unites the teaching profession in Spain. The ANPE supports teachers on an individual basis and campaigns for improvements to working conditions for the teaching profession as a whole. The ANPE represents members throughout Spain with offices in all regions.

ANPE prides itself on two qualities which distinguish it from other unions: professionalism and independence. ANPE is open to all public school teachers and takes the respect for individual choices seriously.

The current President of ANPE is Nicolás Fernández Guisado.

To find out more about ANPE, please consult their website.

To contact ANPE:

  • Sede ANPE Nacional
    Calle de Carretas, 14
    28012 – Madrid, España
  • Email: [email protected]