TiSA: the threat to public services by the backdoor

11 Sep 2014, keywords :
Following a hearing on TTIP in the Luxemburgish Parliament, CESI President Romain Wolff sees TTIP as a distraction to another important trade agreement, the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA). Here, Mr Wolff warns of a threat to public services by the... Read more

Juncker’s Commission: the people behind the portfolios.

10 Sep 2014, keywords : ,
With the Commissioners assigned to individuals, there is welcome news for social dialogue. A new Vice President for the Euro and Social Dialogue and a Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs indicates the Juncker may live up to his promise to be... Read more

The Juncker Game: the pieces are in place, but do the players know the rules?

10 Sep 2014, keywords :
Jean-Claude Juncker, president designate of the European Commission, has revealed (10 September) his much-awaited portfolio designation among the future potential College of Commissioners. With different political priorities and various project teams... Read more

CESI Youth one year on: much done, much still to do

8 Sep 2014, keywords :
This week marks one year since CESI Youth came together for the first time in Hungary. Participants came together to engage and debate with experts on European youth policies. The various nationalities and ages involved in CESI Youth since its inception... Read more

Employment and social affairs committee wants to see “right medicine with right dosage” for European economy

4 Sep 2014, keywords :
MEPs dealing with Employment and Social Affairs met this week (3 September) to discuss the 2014 priorities for the European Semester. Together with the committee which deals with Economic and Monetary Affairs, the European Parliament offers its contribution... Read more