For youth employment and a better prevention of radicalisation: Commission proposes to adjust ET2020 priorities

Last week, the European Commission issued its draft 2015 joint Commission-Council report on the implementation of the Strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET2020). The document, which still needs approval by the Council,... Read more

Mass migration: Europe’s biggest challenge

To provide for humane and integrative immigration into Europe has always been a tremendous challenge for the EU member states in the past decades. But with the spread of crisis in the Middle-East and Northern Africa over the last years, and with immigration... Read more

CESI concerned about Greek privatisation measures

20 Aug 2015, keywords :
One month after the euro summit and the political agreement reached on 13 July, a new financial assistance agreement mobilising up to €86 billion for Greece has been reached on 14 August. Yesterday, the European Commission also signed with Greece a... Read more

After the withdrawal of the maternity leave proposal: Commission publishes roadmap on work-life balance for those with dependants

Last month, after continued blockades by the Council, the European Commission withdrew its proposal on a revised maternity leave directive from 2008. Today, it presented a roadmap on a new follow-up initiative. The roadmap, themed 'A new start to... Read more

TTIP, occupational pensions & the Juncker Plan: CESI speaks to MEP Thomas Mann

Just in time before the Brussels summer recess, CESI spoke to MEP Thomas Mann about recent developments in EU employment and social affairs - most notably in relation to the current revision of occupational pension rules in the EU, the TTIP's likely... Read more