Local and Regional Administration Trade Council

The Local and Regional Administration Trade Council gathers representatives from the sector to share their expertise, compare national reforms, share best practices and elaborate opinions on EU initiatives.

Regional and local administrations are at the heart of European citizenship. Local and regional level administration is where most services of general interest are delivered. European Union (EU) action and legislation is brought directly to its citizens. The challenges facing local and regional administrations have become a continual hardship through rising budget cuts and austerity measures. The balance between assigned competences and the necessary funding to fulfill these competences has been lost. This has seen the pressure on the public service employees increase year on year.

CESI works to restore the balance to ensure high quality public services for all citizens on the basis of sustainable and decent working conditions in public service. CESI promotes workers’ rights in this sector through dynamic and transparent work in sectoral social dialogue.

In 2018, the Trade Council will work on:

  • Digitalisation: Impact of digitalisation on workers in the civil service
  • Privatisation: Impacts of privation in public transport
  • Municipalities: Financial situation of municipalities, work of municipalities in migration management, employment conditions and recruitment in municipalities in competition with the private sector
  • Social dialogue: Strengthening social dialogue at the local level

Portfolio of the LRA Trade Council

Leadership of the Council

President, EUROFEDOP
Vice-President, FA-FPT
Vice-President, FGFC
Policy Adviser, CESI General Secretariat