Employment and Social Affairs Commission

Decent living and working conditions are at the heart of social Europe. Sustainable economic progress can only be achieved on the basis of fair working conditions for all. Employment has to be fostered and special attention has to be given to the most vulnerable groups on the labour market.

The Employment and Social Affairs Commission promotes the improvement of living and working conditions throughout Europe. Social cohesion, inclusion and integration policies play a central role for improving living and working conditions in Europe. Decent pay and retirement allocations, health and safety in the workplace, working time and achieving a good work-life balance are the focus of the CESI’s SOC Commission’s. Trade union rights and social dialogue are promoted as a means to strengthen Social Europe.

Social Europe needs to make more progress, but to do so Social Europe needs supporters and champions. Sustainable and decent living and working conditions need to be at least on an equal footing over more competition and market rules. In this way, Europe will engage more with its citizens and citizens will engage more in Europe.

In 2019, the SOC Commission will focus on:

• EU directive on transparent and predictable working conditions
• implications of Brexit on jobs and employment in the Member States
• future strategic orientations of trade unionism and trade unions in the remit of Work 4.0
• European Parliament election campaigning (together with the Commission ‘Women’s Rights and Gender Equality’) of trade unions
• psycho-social risks at work, especially in new forms of employment.

The portfolio of the SOC Commission can be accessed here (DE / FR / ES).

Leadership of the Commission

President, CSIF
Vice-President, dbb
Policy adviser, CESI General Secretariat