CESI 2018 Calendar

Date Event Place
23.01.2019 Europe Academy Board Brussels
24.01.2019 Programme Commission Brussels
07.03.2019 Employment and Social Affairs Commission Brussels
07.03.2019 Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Commission Brussels
21.03.2019 Presidium I Madrid
29.03.2019 Europe Academy Regional Seminar I Tbc (Germany)
23.05.2019 Health Services Trade Council Brussels
04.06.2019 Central Administration and Finances Trade Council Brussels
04.06.2019 Local and Regional Administration Trade Council Brussels
07.06.2019 Post and Telecoms Trade Council Tbc
21.06.2019 Europe Academy Regional Seminar II Tbc (Spain)
25.06.2019 Presidium II Brussels
26.06.2019 Board I Brussels
26.06.2019 Summer Days (2 days) Brussels
25.10.2019 Europe Academy Symposium Budapest
11.12.2019 Presidium III Brussels
12.12.2019 Board II Brussels