Taxation in Europe: tax administrations at the heart of the crisis

About the symposium

Through the expertise in CESI’s Central Administration Trade Council, the second project for 2014 will focus on the role of tax administrations throughout the economic and financial crisis in Europe. CESI works hard to strengthen the fight against tax fraud and the improvement of services provided to citizens through tax administrations, as well as improving working conditions in the sector. During the crisis however, what role has there been for taxation in Europe? What impact has the crisis had?

The results of the project, gathered in part from the seminar taking place in Brussels from 9-10 October 2014, will be disseminated to taxation human resource managers throughout Europe.

The brochures for the October 2014 seminar can be read in EnglishFrench and German.

Synthesis: FR / EN / DE / ES / IT


– Emilo FATOVIC, 09.10.2014 (FR)

François GORIS, 09.10.2014 (NL)

Jonathan LEIGH PEMBERTON (BEPS Action Plan), 09.10.2014 (EN)

Donato RAPONI, 09.10.2014 (EN)

Jonathan LEIGH PEMBERTON (Tax Administration 2013),09.10.2014 (EN)

Jan NØRNER, 09.10.2014 (EN)

Fernand MULLER, 09.10.2014 (FR)

Nancy PEETERS, 09.10.2014 (EN)

Dirk DIERICKX, 09.10.2014 (EN)

Tracy KAYE, 10.10.2014 (EN)

Romain WOLFF (FR)